Monday, December 26, 2011

Follow His Flow: The Kane Mayfield Interview

So glad to finally release this interview into the universe. Interviewing Kane Mayfield had to be one of the best experiences of this process thus far. We had a great time interviewing him. He's talented, hilarious, thoughtful and engaging! He is definitely an emcee to watch, check, and listen for. What we said about his live show is so will send you into a mania! He has a tremendous amount of positive energy that makes you feel hype. In our conversation, he had this to say about his music, "I make what I want to listen to...I make music that sounds good with fatigue pants." You have to love that he has a whole picture in mind not just the feeling of the music but what you would wear listening to it. He is a storyteller and has joints that remind you of Slick Rick's "A Children Story" like "The Island 94". He also has the songs that make you feel tough and like mean mugging everyone in sight, listen to "Wreck". He has songs that you want to sing when you feel like people are doubting you, "Poor Georgie". His latest project is called "Follow My Flow". You can listen to it by clicking the link at the bottom of this post. On a he explained the rationale behind each track. Definitely check it out!

Listen to the interview:

Kane Mayfield final by goodmusicgoodpeople

Check out "Wreck":

Hear "Follow My Flow":

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sean Toure Thames, The Sound Channeler Interview

What can we say about Sean Toure? Dope emcee? Check! Dope producer? Check! Dope musician? Check! All around good guy? Check! Sean Toure talks with us about what it is like to understand the music business and what it takes for an indie artist to grow in the industry. Making great music has to be first and he focused on developing his craft, telling us that "being an emcee and being a producer I've been focused on developing my craft." We learn the story behind the title "The Sound Channeler" which is very interesting. The album is incredible and the beats seem heaven sent. His new album is sure to be a classic. Our favorites are "The Om-Aveneerer", "A Day in the Life", "My Turn", "Lie in Bed" and "Hoodlife". Sean Toure has every reason to feel proud that "all of my experiences have led me to where I am today." Look for The Remix Project which is in the process of being re-released and the new LP The Sound Channeler.

Listen to "A Day in the Life"

Check out the interview:

Sean Toure Final 1 by goodmusicgoodpeople

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Warrior Poet: Love the Poet Interviewed

She speaks about pursuing your passion. Her advice is simple, start with waking up. We talk about the "16 shining light beams". She says the story of Christ is repeated throughout time. Why? She talks about the complexity of sexuality and how there is more to us than just being gay or straight. We exist in a spectrum. She does what every good writer should, leaves you thinking about her words long after you've heard them. She also creates sonically beautiful poetry that you will sing/speak with as loud as any song. She's written a book, Black Marks on White Paper. She's working on a new project, Gemini Moon. She's released the first single from the project called "Like Gold". She's running a kickstarter campaign to make this project a reality. For more about her art and how you can support visit her website

Listen to the interview. Click play!:
Love The Poet Edit 2 by goodmusicgoodpeople

Listen to "Like Gold":

Like Gold (from upcoming album Gemini Moon) by LOVE the poet

Introduction video to her book Black Marks on White Paper:

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Truly Amazing Ama Chandra Interview

What can we say about this wonderful, brilliant songstress? Music seems to permeate from her essence. She showed up at the interview vivid and alive recounting to us the details of a melody that came to her while she was driving. She is a healer--a registered nurse and a natural healer. She indeed has healing in her voice. She is fierce, strong and an expert in Capoeira. Seriously, she isn't to be played with. A whole woman. Her soon to be released album is called "Destiny". When you hear it, you'll wonder how she combined jazz, soul, bossa nova, traditional capoeira songs and samba in that perfect way. You will want to take the trip with her. It was predestined.

Check out the interview:
Ama Chandra Final by goodmusicgoodpeople

See and hear her:

Check out her reverbnation page here:!/amachandra

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Rhymes Are Me: The Homeboy Sandman Interview

We had the pleasure to inteview the extremely thoughtful, lyrically gifted Homeboy Sandman. We talked with him about his third album The Good Sun . This album has been on heavy rotation in our lab. Find out why he was #1 on CMJ’s National Music Charts, part of Hip Hop DX’s Top 25, #2 on Real Late’s Top 30 on Hot 97.1 and #1 on Billy Jam’s Top 50. He has also appeared in XXL, The Source, Fader, The LA Times, and on MTV as a Made coach.

If you haven't heard his music, you must. Check out "The Essence" below and then play the interview.

Find out what he thinks about the art of emceeing and why he feels that good hip hop should be revered like classical music or the work of Stevie Wonder. Play the interview! You know you want to! Do it!

Sandman Final Edit by goodmusicgoodpeople

Check out more Homeboy Sandman here:

A Better Baltimore for My Daughter: The OOH of BROWNFISH Interview

OOH, the very charasmatic emcee, is all about creating a better city and a better world. He makes music and seeks fame not for his own benefit but to further important non-profit work like the Youth Advocate Program, an organization that works with and mentors young people caught up in the juvenile justice system. OOH is the director of this organization's Baltimore branch. OOH is a complex man with heart, swagger, and unexpected lyrics. If you haven't you must check out The Big 7, and the The King of Pops, both debuted this summer.

Check out a live version of "Baltimore City Slicka" from The Big 7 below:

Find out the story behind the Baltimore classic, "Fishbowl". Play the interview!
Ooh Final Show by goodmusicgoodpeople

More from OOH here:

Listen, Like, Spread the Word!

One Love and Shameeka Dream

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Here we go.......... Femi the Drifish!!!

Finally, we are here- Interview #2 with Femi the Drifish.  Listen to the Nigerian half of 5thL as he discusses The Clown with No Circus, his solo debut.  From his career as a spoken-word artist to his evolution to a live performer, complete with band, the conversation gives more than a peek into Femi Lawal, and some of his influences.  We are sure that you will know him better, more intimately, after this listen.....

Click  to listen! 

FEMI FINAL by goodmusicgoodpeople

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Femi The Drifish

Have you got The Clown With No Circus? This album is ridiculously hot! It has everything. Sick humor. Wit. Sadness. Love. Sex. Rock. Hip Hop. Angst. Anger. Crazy funny skits. Doom would approve! Check it out! What are you waiting for? Go buy it today!

And play the single.

Go to the Reverbnation page.
You know you want to!


On the real have you checked out J'Davey? I am loving their "Evil Christian Cop--The Great Misstakes". There is something there for everyone. They cover alt-rock classics like Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Then they have electronic--smooth--house-santigold-esq songs. "Quicksand" is hot and we like the verse that slides in near the end. This group has to be on the list. J-Davey we are loving you here! Dopeness!

Hey they are on tour. Check it out

Love the video for "Raincheck". Watch it here

We would love to interview you!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Without Further Ado............. AbRock!!!

The time has come for a new kind of interview experience... The Good Music Good People Show is here. We are here!

Get to know AbRock...What does it mean to be F.L.Y? What is a Mid-Mid Life crisis? Is music your therapy? It is ours...much cheaper than a doctor. What does it mean to be a Superstar?

Get to know us...We are Shameeka Dream and One Love. We bring you good music. Really good music. None of that normal radio bullshit. We bring good people. Saying what they want to say uncensored. Telling you about who they are and their life's work

The Good Music Good People Show...

Get Ready...Get Started. Play it. Play it, we said! Love it. We love you! Like us. Love us. Listen to us. Find us on Twitter, on Facebook...Follow us. Follow us into the recesses of the creative mind. Don't be scuuuured.

Play it! You know you want too! Play it! YEAH!

Abrock Interview by goodmusicgoodpeople

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just Interviewed OOH

This is a serious man. You have to check out the interview. Coming soon. For now check out his video:

Saturday, April 2, 2011


The interview is coming soon. For now check out his latest video!

The Amazing Ama Chandra

She is dope and her energy is ridiculous. We will be posting the interview soon! But for now check out her beautiful vocals.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


On behalf of One Love and Shameeka Dream, welcome!  We are committed to bringing you authentic discussions, amazing music, and a platform for the artists and musicians that YOU love and want to get to know.

Watch and listen- more is coming soon!

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