Saturday, October 6, 2012

This Dude is Mad as a Hatter: Femi the Drifish

Do you take your Doom, with a side of Kool Keith and the thrash of Jack White's guitar? That's as close as I can currently get to describing what Femi the Drifish brings to the stage, to music, and to art in general. And yes that's a question not acutally a description. The album art gives you an indication of the challenge; he's the mad man artist you meet that makes you question whether it really is the rest of us that are crazy. This isn't music for the faint of heart not the faint of mind.
The Drifish has created his own niche that incorporates rock, spoken word, and hip hop into a delicious mix. This is music for those who love lyrics, love the unexpected and love live music. You'll be tempted to just rock out with the melodies and sing along with his band the Out of Water Experience. Do that but then go back and listen to lyrics. This is where you see the real genius of Femi the Drifish. Those lyrics at first blush sound as if he were simply spitting nonsense ala Lewis Carroll or the actual hatters high off of factory fumes but very much like DOOM everything makes perfect sense.

Tune in; don't miss our interview of the high energy, skillful lyrical wordsmith. Hopefully we don't end up tied up or in straight jackets :) Listen to the live interview Saturday @11 am EST here:

Yes it's live so tweet questions, comments, and thoughts to @GMGPShow and @TheDrifish!

Matter of fact for now you just have to hear him for yourself:


Pick up the albums Mad as a Hatter and The Clown with No Circus here: or on ITunes. Femi the Drifish and the Out of Water Experience will be at the Fells Point Festival today Oct. 6, 2012 in Baltimore, MD. Check them out if you're in the area.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Evolution of the Emcee and Poet

Call 911! Alert the authorities. The hosts have been kidnapped and a takeover is happening. Matter of fact just tell everyone you know to tune in! Ananamas and Eight sense will be holding down the host spots and taking you on a journey. The Last Born child will share his projects The Consumer 360 Project and The Evolution of the Emcee. The Evolution of the Emcee does as promised and takes the listener through time and space. This is a head nod, listen carefully, he said what, some real lyrical nest, shit. Interspersed throughout the EP are interludes that include the beats behind classics like "Memory Lane", "98 Till Infinity", "Chiefrocker", "Reminisce" and more. Last Born takes you inside the soul of an emcee and the soul of all true hip hop heads through descriptions of falling for this form and connects it to other elements like djing, poetry and more.He's also featured on The Consumer 360 Project which is another one to cop. I know you all heard that "Passing Me Boy-2012" joint. There is much more on this mixtape.  Check it out here:

And if that's not enough his big sis who he credits for introducing him to the form, Miss Sharon "IMATELLMUVA" herself will be in the studio! She is a writer, poet, artist, and jewelry designer. She has made leather cuffs and accessories for Craig G, Captain Lou of Consumer Voice, OOH of Brownfish, Kane Mayfield, Eightsense, our Shameeka Dream and other notables. Check out more about her art and writing here:, here: and here:

Don't miss this show. Calling all Hip Hoppers! Ring the Alarm!!!!! The fire is coming!

Take a sneak peak:
Check out "Baltimore Son":

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Home is Where the Art Is... Substantial is Coming to GMGPSHOW!

His lyrics have Substance for a reason. Substantial has been extremely productive these last few years.  Blazing stages and booths consistently from Brooklyn to PG to Japan for over 10 years now. We are very grateful that the emcee with the unique flow, ill production, tight graphic design, and allaroundtheworld dope collabos is gracing us with his presence this Saturday.  Be sure to cop his newest project- Home is Where the Art Is, in advance so you can ask questions, send some love, or just get some GOOD MUSIC in your eardrums!

For more on Substantial, visit www.the QN5 website and check out the mini-doc on his album release party.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8orMas Reasons to Tune In!

Let me count the ways:
1) Anonamas the showstopping singer who like Lauryn rips many mics on a daily whether for a full house or pedestrians on the street will be holding it down!
2) Eightsense the rapper/producer extraordinaire who creates that boom bap sound will bless us with his freestyle skills.
3) To find out what Anonamas means when says "Music should develop as life develops..."
4) To hear more music like this:

5) this:

6) and this:

7) Because as great as the tracks above are, there's nothing like actually seeing 8ormas perform.  Those who know, know and those who don't will soon.
8) Because we'll have more of that GOOD GOOD music from artists around the world who still care about making great music.
9)To find out why this is not that and how you can get to be part of this.
10) You already know you love the show!

Tell a friend and tell a friend to tell a friend to tune in this (August 25th) and every Saturday @11 am EST. Like the page and follow us on twitter @GMGPShow.

Go here to listen live ------> or click on the listen live link on the right.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hood Metal, Comedy and that GOOD GOOD Music

This Saturday we plan to laugh our assess off, bang our heads, and stomp our feet. You may have seen him on BET's Hip Hop Awards in 2009,  or on BET's Comic View. He's been in commercials for addidas and popeye's chicken; maybe you even heard him on the Live Wire Show or on the Big Phat Morning Show as Gerard. If you haven't trust us you don't want to be absent when Larry Lancaster makes his appearance. Prepare to laugh until it's too hard to breathe.

Also, we plan to have one of the originators of Hood Metal. If you have no idea what that is, think Jimmy Hendrix meets Public Enemy meets Fish Bone and you get close to the idea. Natru lead emcee of Band 209 will be in the lab.

And of course we'll have more of that GOOD GOOD music. Stay tuned into that GOOD GOOD show this Sat. August 18th @11AM EST as we have an out of body experience from laughing and banging our heads against the table with comedian Larry Lancaster and @Natru of Band 209.

Check out Band 209 performing "Slum Lord" at Judah's Juke Joint:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In the Studio with Destiny: Ama Chandra and Bangla

This Saturday is going to be a musical experience to remember.  We will be having BOTH Ama Chandra and Bangla (of the Bangladesh Project) in the studio to share their music with us.

So.... ladies first.  Ama Chandra will be visiting us for the second time. Her first visit last year, left us amazed by her singing prowess, musical ingenuity and inspiring persona. She was working on an album and film while continuing to bring healing to the community through her work as a natural healer and nurse. She walked into our lab that day with music pouring out of her, literally singing all the parts to a song--jazz singer style--she was working on. We were dancing before the interview started.

If you've been listening to the show since we've gone live, you've been getting to know Bangla. Bangla first visited us a few months ago with two core members of the Bangladesh Project--Radio Rom, bass guitarist and vocalist, and Supaman, drummer, and then again to perform live with the fantastic Anonamas Grooves on the mic. Just so you know Bangla heads two bands--The Bangladesh Project and SeeWEED (started by him and OOH of BROWNFISH). On top of that he's the producer behind some of the magical tracks you've heard on the show--"Big Wheels" which features OOH and M.E. and "Bounce" which features female lyricist the Real B-Fly--to name a few.

What happens when you bring together a powerful songstress on level with the big leagues (Patti, Diana, Nina...I know but trust me, what I'm saying is no exaggeration) and an extraordinary producer and musician?'ll just have to tune in this Saturday, August 11th @ 11 am EST to that GOOD GOOD Show. Don't miss this one. Click the Listen Live button on the right.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Emotional Overload and Lyrical Power

This Saturday, August 4th, the very lyrical AbRock will be in the lab. We discuss his new album, making music, adventures in film,  how he keeps it F.L.Y. and any thing that comes to mind. Of course you don't want to miss the freestyle and the excusive listen to his new album! Tune in this Saturday@11am EST on or just click the listen live link over there on the right.

For now stay F.L.Y.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


From the Vault! If you missed the any of our live interviews which air every Saturday @ 11 a.m. EST on, check here to catch up! More great interviews to come. Stay tuned for that GOOD GOOD Music.

Of course on the morning of the release of The One, The Boy Blesst graced us with his presence. We previewed The One, his newest album project released on Reign Music.  We talked about his music, his videos including Nothin to Sumthin, had phone line antics, discussed musical inspirations and the fact that Blesst is Built to Be a Legend.  We challenged him about his relationship with this woman named Hip Hop, as described in Ryda Daddy, his ode to the art form.

When talking about hip hip, the love, and the his commitment to the art and business,  Blesst said, "This has to be my career, so anything outside has to be null and void..."  We also talked about whether or not he gives the crowds/fans what they want versus what they need.   Ever gracious,  of course he Blesst us with a freestyle!  Shout Outs to The Boy Blesst!

Listen to the full interview at:
Find more information on Blesst here!

Follow him on Twitter at:

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today's Show: Dirt Platoon and More to Come

So this has been a hectic time for GMGPShow with so much great music and events happening! We have tons of unreleased photos, videos, and interviews. We'll be releasing a few today! Stay tuned in.

Also today's guests will be Dirt Platoon and you don't want to miss them. Remember we broadcast live at 11:00 a.m. EST on or just click the link in the upper right corner. No, your other right. Higher. Higher. Click it. Yes you know you want to.

Check out music by the Dirt Platoon here:

We have more and more and more of that GOOD GOOD Music and the GOOD People who make it!!!! Check back often and drink 8 glasses a day :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Kharismatic.....Kane Mayfield! 

Boy oh boy oh BOY! Kane Mayfield had us in sttiches during much of this, his second interview with us! He talks about his not 1, not 2, but 3 projects in progress! Listen to some fly tracks, including "Some Love", "Latenight Cinemax", and "Ova Ya Head" (featuring Homeboy Sandman). BUT! We are NOT going to give away the entire show! We do quite the fool, however! One hint to the madness, this quick note to Kane's mom: Dear Mrs. Reid, Please call us at (202) 573-9826 so that we can ask you, "for the record" how you feel about your son's music. Love, Shameeka Dream and One Love... Auntie Yvette or Kane's dad, please give her the message! Wink wink, Kane, wink wink ;)! Bonuses include the stories behind songs, Kane freestyling,  his "Ova Ya Head" verse spit a capella, and live bloopers!!  The interview was a pleasure always, and we can't wait to host an actual Kane Mayfield performance!!!!

 Listen to the full interview here:

For more Kane Mayfield, go here:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Janice B. Shares My Life

Janice B., eclectic soul singer, the first singer to sign to Stinkiface music, takes you on a journey between genres, spirit, love, humor, sadness, loss, and finding of one's self. Her debut LP "My Life" begins with the sound that reminds me of what the RZA called a detuned piano. It's the old school sound of her now deceased grandmother playing the piano, a memory, appropriately distorted as it as transmuted through time and space. The album is dedicated to the memory of this incredible woman who first introduced Janice B. to music performance. In the album you will hear soul, blues, gospel, reggae, jazz, rock and even hints of Portishead's "Wandering Star". Janice B. definitely shows she is "free to reach her destiny".

Click here to listen:

For more about Janice B., visit here:

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Enter the songstress who is free enough to release 10 tracks to 10 producers and say "go with your heART."  This interview, done live during the sound check before Sahffi released "Expectations," her most recent cd project, talks about the story behind the music, and focuses on such tracks and "Gravity" and "Ticktock Islands".  Her love of classical music and confession, "I feel... like I'm a vessel..." make you understand so much about this channeler of folk, rock, classical, and jazz blends.  Sahffi is open and free in talking about her growth through tragedy, dealing with those who feel they know and love her through her music, and even her break-up from a long-term love.  She is honest and private, humble and strong.  Listen carefully to hear when she asks "How can I tell my story; how can I live this life if I didn't notice?"  Listen to hear who she enjoys listening to, listen to hear her...........She is beyond genre, beyond trends... beyond "Expectations".......................Sahffi. 

Click hear to listen to the interview:

You can listen to, share, and buy her music, as well as find out about how to follow her at............... and here

Check out "Summer Breeze" which features Sahffi on an N'Dinga Gaba track. Both create music independently as well as collaboratively as members of the group T3N.

And watch her perform live here:

Monday, January 30, 2012

Cookies on Monday: The Mosno Interview

Mosno Al-Moseeki--what can we say about this musician, songwriter, poet, and all around good guy with a great voice and interesting sound? He calls his music Eclectic Desert Rock because he blends alternative rock and Sudanese rhythms. He has released two albums--low tech and The Ungenre-- and is currently working on his third--Novella, which at the time of this interview was just a concept.
His voice has a beautifully haunting quality that takes you on a journey through love, sadness, heartbreak, anger, joy and passion. He touches all of the traditional topics you want and expect from a talented singer-songwriter but with unusual metaphors. Cookies on Monday is the symbol he shared with a past love, referring to a ritual they shared, or "the black iron eagle in my closet staring at me..." from Guilt and Empathy that represents the feeling and transferal of bad emotions and anger from a "friend". Through his music he opens up the window for you to see his view of the world and leaves you with a lot to ponder. Mosno Al-Moseeki--Most Noble, the Musical,--he is well named.

Play the interview! Here the voice! Feel the guitar! Do it Now!

"Lost the Sun" Live Mosno with Sahffi and Robin

To Hear More Visit Mosno's website:

And his reverbnation page:

Also check out the House group Mosno is part of called T3N: