Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8orMas Reasons to Tune In!

Let me count the ways:
1) Anonamas the showstopping singer who like Lauryn rips many mics on a daily whether for a full house or pedestrians on the street will be holding it down!
2) Eightsense the rapper/producer extraordinaire who creates that boom bap sound will bless us with his freestyle skills.
3) To find out what Anonamas means when says "Music should develop as life develops..."
4) To hear more music like this:

5) this:

6) and this:

7) Because as great as the tracks above are, there's nothing like actually seeing 8ormas perform.  Those who know, know and those who don't will soon.
8) Because we'll have more of that GOOD GOOD music from artists around the world who still care about making great music.
9)To find out why this is not that and how you can get to be part of this.
10) You already know you love the show!

Tell a friend and tell a friend to tell a friend to tune in this (August 25th) and every Saturday @11 am EST. Like the page and follow us on twitter @GMGPShow.

Go here to listen live ------>http://listenvision.com/listen_live/index.html or click on the listen live link on the right.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hood Metal, Comedy and that GOOD GOOD Music

This Saturday we plan to laugh our assess off, bang our heads, and stomp our feet. You may have seen him on BET's Hip Hop Awards in 2009,  or on BET's Comic View. He's been in commercials for addidas and popeye's chicken; maybe you even heard him on the Live Wire Show or on the Big Phat Morning Show as Gerard. If you haven't trust us you don't want to be absent when Larry Lancaster makes his appearance. Prepare to laugh until it's too hard to breathe.

Also, we plan to have one of the originators of Hood Metal. If you have no idea what that is, think Jimmy Hendrix meets Public Enemy meets Fish Bone and you get close to the idea. Natru lead emcee of Band 209 will be in the lab.

And of course we'll have more of that GOOD GOOD music. Stay tuned into that GOOD GOOD show this Sat. August 18th @11AM EST as we have an out of body experience from laughing and banging our heads against the table with comedian Larry Lancaster and @Natru of Band 209.

Check out Band 209 performing "Slum Lord" at Judah's Juke Joint:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In the Studio with Destiny: Ama Chandra and Bangla

This Saturday is going to be a musical experience to remember.  We will be having BOTH Ama Chandra and Bangla (of the Bangladesh Project) in the studio to share their music with us.

So.... ladies first.  Ama Chandra will be visiting us for the second time. Her first visit last year, left us amazed by her singing prowess, musical ingenuity and inspiring persona. She was working on an album and film while continuing to bring healing to the community through her work as a natural healer and nurse. She walked into our lab that day with music pouring out of her, literally singing all the parts to a song--jazz singer style--she was working on. We were dancing before the interview started.

If you've been listening to the show since we've gone live, you've been getting to know Bangla. Bangla first visited us a few months ago with two core members of the Bangladesh Project--Radio Rom, bass guitarist and vocalist, and Supaman, drummer, and then again to perform live with the fantastic Anonamas Grooves on the mic. Just so you know Bangla heads two bands--The Bangladesh Project and SeeWEED (started by him and OOH of BROWNFISH). On top of that he's the producer behind some of the magical tracks you've heard on the show--"Big Wheels" which features OOH and M.E. and "Bounce" which features female lyricist the Real B-Fly--to name a few.

What happens when you bring together a powerful songstress on level with the big leagues (Patti, Diana, Nina...I know but trust me, what I'm saying is no exaggeration) and an extraordinary producer and musician? Well...you'll just have to tune in this Saturday, August 11th @ 11 am EST to that GOOD GOOD Show. Don't miss this one. Click the Listen Live button on the right.